Dizzy Goat Spit Roasts are very special events, friendly and fun occasions where people come together to relax, chat and share fantastic food in the outdoors or under canvas. They are ideal both for private parties and for corporate or club events.

The Roast

We will slowly roast your chosen meat over a wood fire with an appropriate mix of woods to create first a tantalising aroma and finally meat that is beautifully flavoured, succulent and cooked to perfection.

The meat we’ll roast for you is always free range and ethically produced, so you are guaranteed top quality meat from animals that have been reared with kindness and care.

Most people opt for a choice from the Wild Boar, Grass Fed Lamb or Kid Goat that we rear on our own farms in Stonyford and Thomastown in Co Kilkenny. However by arrangement we can also source ethically reared Venison, sides of Beef, free-range Pork or other meats.

The Feast

While the roast is the centerpiece of any spit roast event, your guests will also enjoy a feast of starters and side dishes, using ingredients from our own range of cheeses and yoghurts, fruit and veg grown on our farms, and a range of breads, cakes and desserts specially made in our bakery.

We will work with you to create the perfect menu for your event, but you can get an idea of the range of options available by looking at our Sample Spit Roast Menus.

What You Provide

The main thing you need to provide is hungry guests! We’ll also need a small space where we can erect our outdoor kitchen.

Because most of the menu we’ll serve is reared and grown specially for your event, we do ask that you book your event with us well ahead of time.

What We Provide

We’ll bring our pop-up outdoor kitchen, complete with state of the art stainless steel Titan Hog Roast Machine, our own electricity supply, barbecue, carving tables, a gazebo and more. An experienced professional team is assembled to suit the size of your event and will include a chef and waiting staff.

And of course we bring all the food and will prepare your chosen menu fresh on the day.