Every single day in our artisan kitchen, we make a fresh batch of this very healthy and natural goat’s milk yoghurt. It a simple and pure product, made with nothing but with our fresh goat’s milk and yoghurt culture.

With a beautiful thick velvety texture and a real natural wholesome flavour, our yoghurt is very low in lactose and without any artificial additives.

This is an amazing ingredient to have in your household fridge and can be used in such a variety of ways, from a base for dips to meat marinades and sauces or with fruit and cereal for a tasty and healthy breakfast.

Natural Yoghurt is also a great ingredient for desserts, we use it to make our seasonal fruit yoghurt range which includes Strawberry, Raspberry and Wild Blackberry flavours.

Our yoghurt is vailable to our Dizzy Goat members and in selected restaurants, caf├ęs and markets.