With the launch of our Dizzy Goat Ice Cream we will take another step forward on our journey and also a step back to the past by using natural ingredients produced and grown right here on our farms: 100% goat’s milk and cream, our own free-range eggs, honey from the farm hives and wild flavours from plants, flowers and trees growing in our pastures.

So far only a selected few have been lucky enough to sample our test recipes and all of them loved the delicious, creamy flavours and that old fashioned fresh from the parlour taste that we remember so fondly from childhood.

Health Benefits

Goat’s milk ice cream doesn’t just taste great, it is easy to digest and compared to ice-cream made with cow’s milk is higher in calcium, lower in cholesterol and is a great source of key vitamins.

Our ice-cream range is the perfect choice for those that are on a gluten free diet, are sensitive to lactose in cow’s milk, need to avoid cholesterol or are vegetarian. And of course for anyone who loves creamy and delicious fresh ice cream!

Where can you get our Ice Cream?

We are currently busy perfecting our goats milk ice cream recipes and shortly we be teaming up with the world famous Carpigiani Gelato University. As soon as we are ready to unveil the results of this work, Dizzy Goat ice cream will be available in selected restaurants and farmer’s markets and part of the menu on our Spit Roast Events.