We take great pride in our ever expanding range of good food. The good foods you see below are the results of months of work, refining recipes dozens of times, testing and retesting kitchen processes until we are happy that every product we make is as fresh, tasty and nutritious as it can possibly be.

All our products are based on ingredients produced right here at Dizzy Goat Farms: succulent tender meat from animals who led free and happy lives, wonderful dairy products made with the naturally sweet milk of pasture grazed goats, delicious cakes, breads, preserves and jams which make the best use of our home grown fruit and veg and of the honey provided by our bees.

Our great hope is that you’ll be as proud to serve our foods to your family or your guests as we are when making them for you.

Goat’s Cheese

Made from the unique high quality milk produced by our happy herd of Anglo Nubian goats, our cheeses are smooth, creamy and delicious alone or in your favourite recipes.


Every day our kitchen produces a fresh batch of pure natural goat's milk yoghurt, delicious to eat and an almost magical ingredient to keep in your fridge.

Ice Cream

Fresh goat's milk and cream, free-range eggs and honey from our hives are the basis for Dizzy Goat ice cream, and it's not just a tasty treat, it's good for you too!


From soda bread to sourdough, desserts to occasion cakes our bakery makes great use of the eggs, milk, yoghurt and cheeses produced right here on the farm.


Each season brings a new bounty from our orchard, garden and greenhouse as well as the wild hedgerows, which we use in a range of delicious jams and preserves.