Farming has been a great interest since our very early childhood, we both have happy memories of milking the cows, picking the eggs or foraging for mushrooms during summer holidays on family farms.

Now we are bringing the old fashioned and full of natural goodness way of living to our own farms where our happy herd of Anglo Nubian goats enjoy a carefree spirited lifestyle on pastures carefully maintained to ensure their health.

In exchange they provide us with rich and versatile goats milk, which is milked straight on the field and then minutes later processed in our artisan kitchen to a range of healthy and tasty produce.

We both feel that because our herd is running freely, as all our animals are, on the rocky hills and hedges they live the happy life they deserve, and that this is reflected in the quality of their milk.

Although goats are the at the heart of what we do, we get up to a lot more at at Dizzy Goat Farms.

Organic Bee Keeping

Having our own bees and making our own honey provides us with a natural sweetener which adds wonderful flavour to our foods. Our honey is used in our Honey & Thyme Goat’s Cheese Log, to sweeten our Goat’s Milk Ice Cream,and in cakes and desserts produced in our Bakery.

Grass Fed Sheep

We keep an expanding herd of grass feed sheep producing delicious and succulent lamb for our spit roast events and for special order, such as our meat shopping baskets for our Dizzy Goat members.

Wild Boar

A family of wild boar are the newest edition to our herd of animals. Until recently we kept free range pigs but now have decided to breed wild boars which produce meat with a unique deep flavour that is very lean and low in cholesterol

Our boars live out doors, eating grass and rooting around as they are meant to do. Their diet is supplemented with goat’s milk whey, which creates a beautiful marbled meat. Dizzy Goat members be able to avail of wild boar produce shortly and you can book spit roast event now for your special occasions.


All our poultry – hens, ducks, turkeys and quail – enjoy a carefree life eating organic feed and fresh grass in the outdoors, adding great life to the farm. They produce a variety of eggs, which are then used in our bakery, in our goats milk ice cream and our weekly dizzy goat member’s egg delivery.

Fruit & Veg

In addition to our livestock we have an orchard, vegetable gardens and a carefully planted greenhouse, which produce a very wide range of fruits and vegetables all year round. We also take advantage of the bounty that nature provides, incorporating wild fruits and plants such as Elder Flowers & Berries, Blackberries and Wild Garlic into our recipes when they are in season.


On Dizzy Goat Farms we spend a lot of time and effort to make sure all the animals we rear have a happy and dignified life, in return we are privileged with the unique wholesome flavours of our produce range.