Hi and welcome to Dizzy Goat Farms!

We are delighted that you are taking time out to explore our ever expanding range of farm fresh produce.

My name is Bartek and my partner is Michelle. We run micro farms and have two daughters, to whom we are grateful because everything started from an urge to provide natural and healthy foods for them.

We both have worked extensively within the food industry for the last fifteen years in local establishments from chefing to management in which where our passion for good food grew as we encountered excellent chefs and food producers.

On Dizzy Goat Farms we are constantly expanding and looking for new challenges, always developing new products and recipes. We take extreme pride and care in our food production in the guaranteed knowledge that our animals live happy lives with natural pasture to graze upon, organic hay and quality feeds organic where possible.

From the very early days of childhood I enjoyed a self sufficient life style on my family’s farm, a natural way of life which we are now passing on to our own children, teaching them the advantages of living with the harmony of nature. And now we are happy to share the wonderful food we produce with you!